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Shop Range Tops for Sale in Tulsa, OK

At Appliance Solutions we can help you find the perfect range top for your family and kitchen. We have a great selection of sizes to choose from. Range tops are offered in three sizes: 30”, 36” and 48”. Let us at Appliance Solutions help you by giving you some more info on what the different sizes offer.

30 inch range tops are great for when you want to save space but still have the option to cook when needed. Most 30 inch range tops have four burners that you can make use of in all manners of cooking like: searing, simmer, stir-fry and sauté. If you want to save space then a 30 inch range top may be for you.

36 inch range tops are for those looking to multitask more than a 30 inch can provide. With six burners you have a range top with the perfect amount of size and burners for small saucepans and room left for other tasks. A 36 inch range tops is larger but offers more versatility with its added burners and strength.

A 48 inch range top is the largest we offer. It comes with six burners like the 36 inch model, but also includes an electric griddle. You will have even more room to work on multiple different projects like boiling, sauteing, or grilling. If you have the space and want the ultimate range top then the 48 inch range top is for you.

Appliance Solutions offers models in all three sizes and can provide you with convenience of online shopping. Learn more about our different kitchen appliance by giving us a call or stopping by our Tulsa, OK showroom.