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Tabletop Grills

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Save Space With a Tabletop Grill

Tabletop grills offer convenience and portability, making them a great choice for small outdoor spaces. Whether you choose charcoal or gas, tabletop grills are easy to set up and light. They're perfect for cooking burgers, steaks, vegetables, fish, and more.

There are two main types of tabletop grills: Charcoal and Gas. Charcoal tabletop grills use charcoal briquettes or lump charcoal as the heat source. This type of grill is typically less expensive than a gas tabletop grill but requires more effort when it comes to setup and clean-up. On the plus side, they provide smoky flavor that can't be replicated with other types of fuel.

Gas tabletop grills use either small propane tanks or natural gas. This type of tabletop grill is often more expensive than charcoal grills, but they offer convenience and are easier to control in terms of heat output. They also typically require less cleanup after use.

When shopping for tabletop grills, there are a few things to consider: size, heat output, fuel type, and accessories. Tabletop grills come in a variety of sizes ranging from compact models ideal for two people up to larger grills that can serve up to 8 people with ease. Heat output is also an important factor; some tabletop grills may only reach temperatures up to 350°F while others can reach up to 600°F or higher. Make sure you choose a tabletop grill according to your needs. Fuel type should also be taken into consideration; if you prefer natural gas, then be sure to shop for tabletop grills that are compatible with it. Finally, make sure you check out any additional accessories that come with the tabletop grill, such as a side burner or rotisserie attachment.

Shop the Best Tabletop Grill Brands

Thor Kitchen is a premium tabletop grill manufacturer with a commitment to providing top-of-the-line grills for any occasion. Their tabletop grills are perfect for backyard barbecues, camping trips, tailgating, and more. All of their tabletop grills are designed with the highest quality materials and the latest technology to ensure your grilling experience is both convenient and enjoyable.

Thor Kitchen tabletop grills are available in a variety of sizes and designs to fit any budget. Whether you're looking for something small enough to take on a camping trip or something large enough for your next backyard barbecue, Thor Kitchen has tabletop grills that will meet your needs. Their tabletop grills feature heavy-duty stainless steel construction, porcelain enameled cast iron cooking grids, built-in temperature gauges, and adjustable heat control knobs. They also come equipped with side burners, rotisserie kits with motorized spits and attachments, as well as several other features that make them ideal for outdoor cooking.

Thor Kitchen tabletop grills are designed to be easy to use and maintain; their efficient lighting systems make them simple to operate even during the night when visibility may be difficult. They also provide superior temperature control thanks to their heavy duty burners; this ensures you can always get the best performance out of your grill no matter what type of food you're cooking. And because all of their tabletop grills come pre-assembled right out of the box, they offer convenience without sacrificing performance or quality.

For those who don't have time or space to invest in a full-sized grill but still want to enjoy delicious grilled meals, Thor Kitchen tabletop grills offer an excellent solution. They provide high quality performance at an affordable price point so you get all the benefits of outdoor cooking without having to break the bank. Whether you're looking for an upgrade from traditional charcoal grilling or just need an easy way to enjoy outdoor cooking on a smaller scale, Thor Kitchen tabletop grills are definitely worth considering when shopping for the best tabletop grills on the market today!

Where to Buy a Tabletop Grill

Are you in the market for tabletop grills? Appliance Solutions has a wide variety of tabletop grills to choose from, so you're sure to find one that fits your needs. Whether you're looking for a small tabletop grill for a single family meal or a larger model for entertaining guests, Appliance Solutions has something for everyone. You can find our showroom located in Tulsa, OK. If you have questions give us a call or stop by our showroom today.